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On May 9, 2012, the new regulations that introduce the “change of residence on time” come into force
real “(art. 5 DL 9 February 2012, n. 5, converted into law 4 April 2012, n. 35)
Citizens will be able to submit personal data, using only the forms
compliant with those published on the website of the Ministry of the Interior and on the institutional website
of the Municipality of Furci, in one of the following ways:
• at the registry office of the Municipality of Furci
• by post (ministerial instructions indicate the registered letter),

The submission of the personal data declaration electronically must be made according to one
in the following ways:
a) the declaration must be signed with a digital signature;
b) the author must be identified by the computer system with the use of an identity card
electronic, national service card, or in any case with tools that allow
identification of the subject making the declaration;
c) the declaration must be sent through the certified e-mail address of the
d) a copy of the declaration bearing the applicant’s handwritten signature and a copy of the document
The identity of the applicant must be acquired by scanner and sent by post
simple electronics.
A copy of the identity document or ID must ALWAYS be attached to the declaration
recognition of the applicant and the persons who transfer the residence together with the applicant.
All adults who transfer residence together with the applicant must also
sign the personal declaration form.

To be considered admissible, the declaration must necessarily contain all data
required in the appropriate form and marked with *.

All adults who transfer residence together with the applicant must also
sign the personal declaration form.
Failing this, a specific power of attorney must be granted to the person submitting the declaration pursuant
art. 38-bis of Presidential Decree 445/2000 attaching a photocopy of the identification document (the
subscription must not be authenticated by the notary).

Citizens of States outside the European Union must obligatorily attach to
declaration of personal data the documents proving the regularity of the stay indicated in Annex A
Citizens of states belonging to the European Union must obligatorily attach to
declaration of registry documents proving the possession of the requisites foreseen by the legislative decree n.
30/2007 and indicated in Annex B

In case of transmission in ways other than direct submission to the registry office, yes
invites to take utmost care in filling in the form and the documents to be attached, in order to
prevent the declaration from being considered inadmissible, in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry
of the interior (Circ. n. 9 of 27.4.2012).

We also inform you that the legal effect of the change of residence starts from the date of
submission of the declaration and that within the next two working days the applicant will be
registered in the registry and can obtain the certificate of residence and family status, limitedly
to the documented information.

In the case of personal registration with origin from another municipality, within the further and subsequent 2
working days the municipality of origin will have to cancel and within 5 days to
verification of the data provided by the declarant.
From that moment, all normal certifications intended for PRIVATE individuals may be issued.
The Municipality that receives the registry declaration, proceeds within 45 days of the declaration
the verification of the requirements to which the registration is subject (first of all the actual habitual residence).
After this deadline, no negative communications have been received by the citizen
declared is deemed to conform to the factual situation (silence-consent, art. 20 law 241/1990).
In the event of a negative assessment, and / or ascertained lack of requirements, the procedure will proceed
canceled, the interested party will be canceled from the registry with retroactive effect and will be reported to
competent authorities, for criminal liability for false declarations, pursuant to
articles 75 and 76 of Presidential Decree 445/2000.

All notices and personal declarations relating to the municipality of FURCI must
be sent to one of the following addresses:

DEMOGRAPHIC SERVICES – Registry Office – via Trento e Trieste n ° 9 66050 FURCI (CH)

Change of address on driving license and registration documents following change of residence

It happens ex officio. At the time of application for registration or change of home, the citizen must declare the license and the means of his property or of the members of his family. The Civil Motorization of Rome will send directly to citizens the adhesive coupons to be applied on the driving license and on the registration certificate with the indication of the new address.
Cost: none.

Transfer of Italian citizens abroad:

Citizens who transfer their residence abroad for more than a year must register with AIRE, applying to the Italian diplomatic authority abroad. The request can also be sent to the last municipality of residence. From 01/06/2007 the identity card can be issued by the consulate to which it belongs.